When to go?

In my mind, this question was quickly answered due to several factors:

In late March 2011, I will celebrate my seven-year work-iversary.  (Like how I just make up words?  I’d be awesome at teaching English…)  For some reason, this feels like a huge milestone to me, much more than five years.  It’s like getting tenure or something.  Would be nice to complete a full seven years here.

In spring 2011, my church moves into its new building.  This is definitely a momentous event.  I adore my church, and apparently so do 10,000 other people.  It’s just bursting at the seams because of all the growth.  Moving into a new home is incredibly exciting news, and I’d love to see them in their new place.

In spring you file taxes.  And because I list no deductions, I get nice refund coming back to my bank account each year.  Usually I dump it in savings and pay my vehicle registration.  But maybe it could buy a plane ticket?  (I know, some people say you should list deductions so you can invest that money throughout the year, but for me it’s a big psychological boost each year – one that’s worth missing out on a few dollars of interest.)

Sometime next spring (I don’t know exactly when) my cell phone contract expires.  Hey, don’t laugh that I’m putting this on my influencing factors list – early cancellation fees are something like two hundred bucks!  In fact, I recently found out that for the past seven years I could have been getting a 15% discount on my plan through my job.  When I called last month and asked to get the discount, they said, “Sure!  But you sign a new, two-year contract.”  I said I’d have to think about it.

In May or June, kids start graduating and heading out on those, “Let’s backpack through Europe after graduation!” trips.  Would like to be ahead of that wave and know my way around a place before all the tourists show up.

Traveling in warm months means fewer clothes to pack – because boots, coats, hats, and gloves can take up valuable space.

Last, but definitely not least, in April 2011 I turn the big 3-0!  I’m not one that gets freaked out about aging.  But I do think a new decade is a great excuse for a new adventure.

So, for planning’s sake, what sounds reasonable right now?  Mid-April.  (Ha ha, just like the picture.)  That’s just a guess, of course, but if you’re considering this you need to have some vague date in mind.  That gives me about seven months to plan.  That’s enough time to change your life, right?

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