Now entering research mode…

You would think that for as nauseous as I’m feeling that I would be on a roller coaster at Elitches – not sitting in Panera using their wireless.  I knew that investigating this whole “moving abroad” thing would be difficult and confusing and overwhelming, and I’m getting my first tastes of it.

I would love to move to the UK to avoid language hurdles.  However, with the way that visas and residency work, you need to have a job lined up before you arrive.  (!)  Searching for a job from across an ocean?  Sounds crazy difficult.  Plus, visa preference is given to skilled workers – and I highly doubt a secretary would be considered such.

The ideal would be to work for an American company that has a branch in Europe.  Uh, how do you even begin to look for that?  I have no idea other than looking up specific companies one-by-one.  Maybe that IS the way to do it.  Darn, no secretary openings listed for Google’s London office…  (Or Boulder’s…)

I have found a somewhat helpful location to start looking at details:  It doesn’t seem to be a robustly-developed site, but every pointer I can gather at this time is eagerly absorbed.

Getting certified to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) is looking more and more viable.  Been scouring one site in particular:  They claim to offer lifetime job assistance and that most graduates have job placement within a month of course completion.  Are English teachers really in THAT high of demand?  Maybe and I just don’t realize it.  Cost for the four-week course: $1700.  Not bad.

I take another sip of lemonade to calm my stomach as my head starts to pound.  Clicking between the my five open browser windows in Chrome I realize that my tiny netbook screen was not designed for researching life-changing decisions.  I think I’ve earned a cup of broccoli cheese soup…

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4 Responses to Now entering research mode…

  1. Kristin says:

    I highly, highly suggest Australia. You can get a year-long work visa for $200+ bucks, almost immediately after you apply. Might be tough to get a “real” job at first, but there are temp agencies to get your foot in the door. I bartended in Sydney + Melbourne for almost a year, made $19/hour weekdays, $23 and $27 on the weekends. Rent @ $500. Was living the good life…

    Happy to talk about it more if you’re interested: ) It’s beautiful!!! & easy access to Asia!

  2. Alissa says:

    Ha! Kristin, you’re about ten posts ahead of me… 🙂

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