Mini interview: Sean – the econ expert!

Sorry, ladies, he's taken.

Without question, the most savvy person I know with regards to economics and politics and those lines of thinking is Sean.  If anyone could give me a hard dose of reality about leaving a decently-paying position in a stable industry to do something crazy like move to another country, it’s this dude.

I’m thinking very seriously about moving. To, like, Prague.  So tell me, my wise friend, given the state of the world-wide economy, what do you think of my crazy plan? Be honest.

Of the emerging democracies in central and eastern Europe, the Czech Republic has one of the most developed industrialized economies. It is one of the most stable and prosperous of the post-Communist states of Central and Eastern Europe. GDP per capita at purchasing power parity was $26,800 in 2008, which is 82% of the EU average.

 That’s a solid country. Geez, maybe I should move there to find a job after school. My only concern was political stability, but on taking a look at the countries surrounding the Czech Republic you’ll be fine even if things go horribly awry; which it won’t.

Oh, and unemployment is comparatively low.

A fine choice I say. [Wife] and I are also thinking of moving abroad. But that’s all very pie in the sky stuff.

History leads me to believe that our job market should improve over the next year and you’ll come back to a recovering America.

He also mentioned stuff about being sure to have a job before going anywhere.  Um, yeah, I kinda edited that out.  Sadly, it’ll be a gamble no matter what I do – as few would be willing to interview across an ocean.  And I wouldn’t interview for an English position until I had become certified.  Yes, Amy was fortunate enough to get a job without becoming certified, but she’s also blessed that her hubby got to keep his American job so they were guaranteed some income.  Since I’ll only have myself to rely on, I’m going to try to broaden my options – just in case.

Any other econ or world affairs experts (or hobbyists) out there want to weigh in?

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