Keeping it Real: Behind the Scenes

Whenever I read something, I wonder where it was written. Cubicle? Coffee shop? Back porch?

Well, as they say on MTV Cribs, here’s where the magic happens:

Hey, I did say this was keeping it real – not HGTV.

I know. You’re all drooling over my decor, am I right?

My strawberry-adorned netbook and I pretty much live on the red couch. The couch I bought five years ago funded partly by a savings bond I won in a high school writing competition. The couch I’ll have to get rid of if the bigwhatIF becomes bigwhatIS.

Oh yeah, with some messiness and clutter, too. I wish I was better at keeping things organized. People would never know it when they come to visit me – because my place becomes immaculate through several hard days of work – but I’m ashamed to say I’m a messy person. *hangs head* But I have an excuse right now because I’m sick, right?

But as I’ve been reading more travel blogs, I have learned more about minimalism. Makes sense that the two go together as you can’t travel around the world hauling a bunch of stuff on your back.

And the idea of minimalism is very appealing. Regardless of if you’re traveling. I think I’m messy because I have so much stuff. What if I pared down? I’m already thinking about this and would like to give it a try.

But not quite yet. Need to kick this sinus infection I’ve been fighting before I attempt to go around and seriously catalogue the material contents of my life.

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