Lost in a Fog

So, I’ve heard from multiple people that I need to watch LOST. That it’s an awesome show. I’d been putting it off. For one thing, the show hadn’t ended which meant I would have to keep watching it weekly and I’m not very good with following television shows regularly. (Well, except this one.) But now that it’s over, I’m sure the final season will be online soon so that I can watch everything in succession without being at the mercy of network schedules.

But there’s another, bigger reason I hadn’t watched it. I’m a media binger. That is, I tend to watch a lot, very fast. I get really absorbed by shows and say, “Just one more episode.” “Oh, but I can’t leave things hanging like THAT and go to bed now.” (Another reason why I wanted to wait until it ended: I hate cliffhangers.) But when you’re recently sick and spending all day every day on the couch your brain isn’t known for making the best of decisions. It seemed like a good enough time to pop open Netflix and start watching.

I thought this blog was about international travel. What the heck is going on? Hang with me, folks. I promise this’ll come back around.

The embarrassing result is that in the past two weeks I’ve gone through two full seasons of LOST. Even with a weekend of camping in the middle.

And I realized something interesting. Sitting there on the edge of my couch, wondering if they’d find Walt, what would happen if the button wasn’t pushed, admiring Locke one minute and being annoyed with him the next, I was content to just stay there and be entertained.

That bigwhatif thing? Oh, yeah. Guess I should blog about it. But I was too wrapped up in my idiot box. Stupid, annoying big adventure idea distracting me from Claire and Charlie…

Though I fought hard to still go to bed before midnight, I felt like a zombie at work. And my daily schedule was defined: get up, go to work, go home, watch as much LOST as I can, go to sleep.

I’ve heard that your brain is so zoned out when you’re watching TV that it’s actually more active when you’re asleep. Well, maybe I hadn’t reached that low point because I sure felt entertained and engaged by the show.

But I was accomplishing nothing. My laundry pile sat by, growing and needing to be washed. Dirty dishes sat in the sink, too. I haven’t gone for a run in ages now.

I became useless.

Isn’t that how we live our lives sometimes? Too absorbed by silly things, too self-involved to be productive? And standing still, making no forward progress, our minds and bodies atrophying and becoming numb?

Sure, LOST is fun. But there’s only six seasons. Soon (especially at this rate) I’ll run out of anything to watch, and then what’ll I do?

What draws us in to things like television and books is the story. We love stories. Good stories. And I think we want to be a part of them.

Someone told me recently, “If you watched a movie that was all about a guy who wanted to buy a Volvo and at the end of the movie he did, you’d probably leave disappointed.”

Or what about that line in You’ve Got Mail: “So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book when, really, shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

Have we forgotten that we have power over our lives? That we can make them whatever we want them to be? Not all of us will sail solo around the world or climb El Capitan, but we can be more than lumps on the sofa watching Netflix.

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