Brief Tweet of Inspiration

It’s been kind of funny to see my Twitter feed slowly shift these past few months to being dominated by mainly art / design / fun / entertainment personalities (like @alisaburke, @crafterhours, @coollike, @alliebrosh) to travel folks. There’s a wealth of great articles and information and inspiration that they spread. Sometimes the amount is just overwhelming, and I almost feel like I’m being spammed because they tend to tweet and retweet more often than design peeps. I’ve wondered if I need to drop folks but I haven’t yet because some of their stuff is so awesome. Some of my favorites are @wanderingearl, @exilelifestyle, @evbogue, and @chrisguillebeau.

When I walked in to work this morning and booted up my computer, the following tweet was at the top of my feed:

I had this conversation Tuesday night with a friend. This is the ideal time in my life to do this bigwhatif. I don’t own a home, not married nor have kids, no debt, and have a job I could just walk away from.

That convo along with this tweet has given me the necessary kick in the pants.

Previously I had been precise and measured with how I ran this blog, making a posting schedule, trying to post something of decent length. But I end up focusing too much on how a blog “should” be.

Time to just be throwing posts up as things develop, I think. Let me know, readers, if there’s anything you would like to hear about, too!

Note, though, that I’m the type of person that puts in hold requests at the library for books I want to read. And there more came in this week – though I already have two books checked out. So while I’ll try to post more, a warning that I think my weekend plans are now set: read read read!

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