Mountain Girl

Last Friday I was manning an information table with another girl.  As our traffic was slow, we got to talking about life and eventually travel.  She studied abroad in Denmark and is applying for an internship there and was very excited.

I mentioned some of my options – Prague, Australia, and Peace Corps.  (By the way, it’s so interesting when I mention these three because my audience will usually jump on one of those.)  She was curious about Australia and asked if I would have a chance to go to inland.  I immediately jumped on that.

Maybe it’s growing up in this desert climate in the southwest (yes, Colorado is a desert. Trust me on this) but I’m not as excited about the possibility of seeing the beaches splashed across the Australia travel brochures and sites – though, yes, they look worthy of a pilgrmage.

Instead, I’d be interested in seeing “the bush”, as I’ve heard the Aussies call it.  Or maybe that was just Crocodile Dundee.  Whatever.  But it’s images like this that get my adrenaline flowing:

As any Coloradan will tell you, we whine incessantly when the humidity gets above 50% – unless it’s actually precipitating when you’ll hear constant choruses of “We need the moisture!”  (Seriously, one of the most annoying phrases in my book.)

But give us the dry dry desert and we’re happy as… well, I was going to say clams, but clams live in water.  Hmm, sadly when I think of desert animals I just end up thinking of scorpions and snakes and lizards – none of which are inoffensive like clams.  So maybe I’ll just insert another picture of a kangaroo.

Random postscript, in case you’re wondering where I find the pictures I use, if they’re not mine I always try to link so that if you click the pic you’re taken back to the original site.  Unless I have a brain oopsie and forget.

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One Response to Mountain Girl

  1. Kristin says:

    You know I’m gunning for Aussie. But my boyfriend lived in Prague for awhile, I could ask him some questions if you want!

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