This weekend wasn’t very relaxing.  I spent far too much of it running from place to place, stressed.  So when I got home Sunday night, I surfed over to Netflix to find something to help me chill.  (Yes, I admit that I have an unhealthy relationship with Netflix.  But that’s for another day…) 

I happened upon “Babies”.  You know, that documentary you probably saw advertised at the theatres that follows the life of four babies on three continents.  Documentary?  Cute kids?  Sure, why not. 

So, yeah, the kids were insanely cute, but I’d definitely call this movie a cure for insomnia if I ever saw it.  No interviews, voiceovers, or captions – just shots of babies.  I admit that I checked the time on multiple occasions. 

But it was pretty awesome to see kids being raised in different cultures – like going diaperless in Namibia and playing with goats in Mongolia.  Japan and the US actually weren’t that different, which was unsurprising to me. 

Two things struck me: one was the downtime in Namibia.  The majority of time shown onscreen the moms were just sitting there letting the babies nearby play with – or chew on – rocks while they chatted away.  I realize that part of parenting is just keeping an eye on the kids to make sure they don’t get in too much trouble, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a mom not multi-tasking.  These ladies were just content to sit and be.  What a culture difference!  I honestly don’t know if I could just sit and do nothing.  I guess if I end up in the Peace Corps I may have to learn how to.  Maybe I should learn how to right now… 

The other thing was the family in Mongolia.  The family lived in a small yurt with all kinds of beautifully patterned rugs, blankets, and wall coverings.  Very stereotypical Mongolia, ya know?  Mom was helping baby learn to stand when there was a sound in the background – unmistakeably a cell phone ring tone.  Sure enough, mom left the frame a few seconds later to answer a call.  They later they showed the family gathered around a laptop watching a movie.  In a yurt!  In Bayanchandmani, Mongolia (which I then had to look up and saw it was about 50 miles outside the capital city)!  Technology everywhere!  I could send these guys an e-mail!  How cool is that?

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