Interview: Career Counselor!

Last week I mentioned I had narrowed stuff down to three choices – Australia, Peace Corps, or Czech Republic.  I had been talking about the first two a lot recently but not the third, and I realize I left out a step I encountered I took a few weeks ago.

The Czech Republic was one of the first places I looked at back when this whole thing started because I have a buddy there.  In fact, a few months ago I e-mailed Amy and said, “Yeah, I’ve decided I’m definitely going to move there with you next year… unless some huge hurdle gets thrown up in my way.”  I’ll bet she’s been scratching her head checking this blog wondering why I’ve been looking at other options.  Sorry, Amy.  I was still in my giddy phase at that point and it was soon after that I learned about things like three-month visa, how much the language scared me, and the uncertainties of teaching English.

And as I freaked out a bit I sheepishly pushed the Czech option to a back burner and turned it to low.

Then I met with a woman named Sandy who made me re-examine that pot.

A few years ago my alma mater realized that with the recession and more people out of work they should offer free career counseling to alums as well as current students.  Having held the same job for the past 6.5 years I didn’t take advantage of these services.  Until I decided to call them up and ask if they could give me any advice on teaching English abroad.

It was a month before I could get in to see Sandy, and I thought several times about canceling since that Czech pot was on the back of the stove with the contents starting to get a smidge moldy from abandonment.

She asked where I’d want to go and I threw out some places like Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.  And when that last one came out her face definitely lit up.  I won’t spare you the details, but she basically said, “If you want to teach English abroad, eastern Europe is absolutely the place to do it.”

And then she e-mailed me – I do not exaggerate – five pages of links to more resources, and another document on teaching specifically in the Czech Republic!  This isn’t a list of links generated by a Google search, folks.  This is information put together by those who advise people on this stuff for a living, and talk to those that have done it to get more info.

So, yeah, that Czech pot?  It’s back at the front of the stove, sitting between Peace Corps and Australia.  I may see you soon after all, Amy.  🙂

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