Halloween Costume #2

All of this stuff equals… 

BP clean-up worker! 

(There’s a big BP logo on the back, too.  I had considered getting some kind of aquatic / avian stuffed animal and dipping it in black paint but thought that might be a little morbid and offensive.  But I had a least a dozen people suggest it to me during the day – so obviously I wouldn’t have offended as many people as I thought!)

By the way, paper painters coveralls?  NOT paint-proof.  Thankfully I had stripped to my skivvies before putting the suit on to paint it because this is what one of my arms looked like:

So if painters coveralls aren’t paint-proof what’s their purpose?

Some other photos of creative costumes at work:

 The costume contest winner!  Soda as a jellyfish.  :o)

 Marketing intern Josh as Elliot with E.T.!

 My personal favorite: my boss, Don, as dead Lincoln.

 Then Jerri came as Don – which was also funny.


 Isn’t she a dead-ringer for Frenchie from Grease?

This photo isn’t as impressive unless you know that Gerry’s hair is the curliest hair I’ve ever seen, and she only straightens it on occasion for Halloween.  Normally it’s a loveable, curly mop somewhat reminiscent of Book’s hair in Firefly.  :o)

Was too tired to change before our Fall Fest at church that night.  The kids didn’t get the costume but the adults did!
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2 Responses to Halloween Costume #2

  1. Colleen says:

    How fun to get to dress up twice! I love your BP costume!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love the BP costume… it would've been awesome to see someone dressed up like that. 🙂

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