Why you should always have an "Other" option

I went online to finish continue filling out my Peace Corps application.  Basically it involves checking “no” a lot of times.

Married?  No.   Divorced?  No.

Arrested for drug or alcohol?  Done crime?  Student loans?  Other financial obligations?  No, no, no, and no.

In the National Guard?  Ever worked for an intelligence agency?  No and no.

Then comes the part that (one would think) should be simple: post-secondary education.  Except that my major is not listed as one of the options, nor is my degree awarded.  And it looks like the program will allow me to move forward without my major, but not without my degree.


I could say that I received a BA or BS, but the instant they get my transcript they’ll realize that doesn’t match up.

So is it my school that’s weird for offering a “Bachelor of Environmental Design” degree, or is it everyone else that’s weird for being so limited in their selection options?

Guess I need to schedule another call to DC.

Sidenote: is it just me or does anyone else feel like DC government offices should have operating hours of 10AM-7PM to better accommodate those of us in other timezones?  Just saying…

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