Minimalism: Books

Do you remember the first time you saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, when the Beast draws back the curtains to reveal his library?

There were collected gasps from the audience as book-lovers immediately thought, “Want!!!”  (Plus, hey, let’s not forget that this movie was nominated for best picture and had some of the most gorgeous architecture ever dreamed up by animators.)

Admit it, looking at that picture above still gets your heart beating faster and makes you feel some warm fuzzies.

When I packed up my stuff and shoved it all into my bedroom, it included my books.  I only kept four or five out.

If was kind of sad to pack them all up, but also freeing.  Think about it.  Anyone out there LIKE carrying boxes full of heavy books when you’re moving to a new apartment?  Or even just rearranging a room?

I was also able to get over the sadness because of something Jessica told me a few years back.  The daughter of missionaries, she’s seen her fair share of moving over the years.  Her dad would tell them, “You don’t need to keep packing up and moving all your books.  The library keeps them for you.  For free!”

I’ve taken that to heart and rediscovered the joy of libraries.  I can even search for a book online, request a hold, and they’ll e-mail me when it becomes available.

The downside being that unfortunately my library does not have the greatest selection available.  Need to figure out inter-library loans next!  Until then, I occasionally put a call out to peeps on Facebook to see if anyone wants to lend me their books.

Oh, and that invariably all my books become available at once, so I have mounds to read and only three weeks to do it!

I’d encourage you to give the library a shot, though.  Next time you really want to read something, borrow instead of buy.

The harder thing will be to convince myself that Netflix will keep all my movies for me…

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