How’s the running going?

Um, it’s not.  I went several months without once breaking in to a run – unless you count trying to catch the bus or chasing a room full of kindergartners.

But I promised a friend of mine that I’d do the Colder Boulder with her – a 5K run through the university campus.  So I figured I better get on it.  The problem being that with the short days, it’s hard to find time to run when it’s light outside.  I kept putting it off until after daylight savings.

I started up two weekends ago (when it was scheduled to be 75 degrees in November) by heading to Walker Ranch, a 7.5 mile loop popular with mountain bikers.  I didn’t realize it was that long a loop until I got there, but decided to take a deep breath and go for it.  I think it would be generous of me to say that I ran two miles total.  It was probably way less.  I was hurting pretty badly (forgot to stretch, forgot to take ibuprofen, forgot to drink extra water the day before).

But at least I was running again.  Okay, that’s a generous statement.  Jogging.  I’ll never win any speed competitions.

Then last weekend I drove up to Estes to do a loop around the lake (which is 3.75 miles, total).  There were a few flakes of snow but with my iPod filled with podcasts I was ready to go.  It would be generous to say that I ran two miles total of that as well.  But at least I was running again.

But today I’m super proud of myself.  I had two errands to run before Bible study, so I figured why not run those errands?  I hurried home from work, changed, grabbed my headlamp and hip pack, and headed out the door.  It was already dark, but I would be running along roads anyway.  However, it was also windy – which was super annoying.  Have a little welt on my cheek where a piece of debris struck me.

Ran to the post office.  Pulled my final Netflix LOST disk out of my hip pack, dropped it in the box, and headed off again.  Ran to the library.  Pulled “The Happiness Project” out of my hip pack, dropped it in the slot, re-tied my shoe, and headed off again.  (I hadn’t finished reading it, but I was only skimming in the first place.)

Arrived home after 30 minutes having run/jogged almost the entire way.  Took two short walking breaks at my destinations, and jumped up and down like I was skipping rope while I waited for walk signals to change at intersections. says I did 1.8 miles!  Nearly continuous running!  Like I said, I’m super proud of myself.  I still don’t enjoy running, but I like that I can do it.

Now to see if I can convince my body that morning runs are a good idea.  Because I’ve also been toying with the idea of doing a half marathon in March.  *GULP!*
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