Adios to One Option, Hello to Two More

I came to a decision this morning as I lay in bed, trying to convince my brain to let my body go back to sleep for just a few more minutes: Peace Corps is off the table.

Of my three “final” options, there is no doubt in my mind that PC would be the most interesting.  Living in a third world country?  Among the native peoples?  Helping them with a project like water purification or health education?  Talk about rewarding!

But these application holdups have been just too frustrating.  In addition to contacting PC three times about problems, I also contacted the office associated with my alma mater (figuring that is anyone knew the specifics of how my school’s degree program and how that figures into the application).

No response.  Sounds of crickets.

When I first started looking into the program, I was told that the rough timeline was to turn your application in by the beginning of October if you wanted to start next September.  And here we are, going on the end of November.  (Yeah, I can read a calendar.  I’m smart like that.)

So this morning I figured it’s not worth my time and energy at this point.

But maybe one day.  In my research I found that the average age of PC volunteers is 27.  The majority go right out of college, but there are also folks that go at retirement or for just a break from the rat race.

Would still be an awesome thing to experience one day.

Other Options

And if for some reason this whole moving abroad thing falls through, I have two other short-term options I’m debating.

#1  Afghanistan.  Yeah, you heard that right.

In 2007 my church heard about a group of people that had been dumped in the desert by the government with no water, just left to die.  They took an offering and built a well.  Then a school – where both boys and girls could attend.  Then a clinic.  Then started small business loans. Now building homes for widows.  Hearing the stories that teams bring back is awesome.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to meet these people.

#2  London 2012.

I’m obsessed with the Olympics.  Seriously.  You cannot drag me away from the opening ceremonies broadcasts with anything short of a crane.  One of my dreams has been to see the games live.  A year or so ago I started looking in to what it would take to volunteer in London.  I don’t care if I don’t get to see any of the events.  It’s all about being able to experience this time when people from around the world come together just to play games for a few weeks.  How neat would it be just to observe?

So that’s all for now folks.  Hope that you Americans have a good holiday weekend!

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