Revision to Screen-less Month

Last weekend I issued a challenge to myself:

What if I live for a month with no screens at home – that is, no TV and no computer? (No Netflix! Gulp!)

It’s been less than a week, and I’ve already broken my rule.  I know.  I’m so bad!

One night I woke up at midnight with my mind racing.  After an hour laying in bed, I did the most therapeutic thing for me when I have something on my mind: I wrote about it.  Using my computer.  Didn’t get back to sleep until four, but at least my thoughts were a bit more organized.

Or this morning, when I woke up and wasn’t sure if I needed to bring an ID to pick up my race packet for the Colder Boulder – so I turned on the web.  (Yes, there’s no snow in the photo at that link.  It’s an urban legend that it snows a lot in Colorado.  At least on the front range.  By the way, I think my time was about 33 minutes – which I’m proud of.)

And I’m breaking my challenge right now by typing this!

So I’m revising my challenge: no screens in the PM.  That is, I can’t come home from work and sit in front of the TV for several hours.  And I’ve got to get this blog posted within the next 32 minutes.  I’ve noticed, however, that when I log on in the morning I’m very task-oriented and not just looking for brain candy entertainment.

Still, I have to admit that so far this has been TOUGH.  And it’s made me realize how dependent I am on my electronics.  I’m going to try to keep challenging myself, though!  This afternoon I plan to drag my keyboard out and start on some practicing.  But first, I really need a shower.  Colder Boulder makes people stinky…

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2 Responses to Revision to Screen-less Month

  1. Kristin says:

    You are braver than I could ever be.

    I would write more, but you probably on have, like, 17 minutes left. Better save it for Facebook!

    • Alissa says:

      It’s been so difficult! You don’t realize the dependence you have to something until you give it up. I consider this my sort of “Lent-in-December” experiment. The hardest thing has been trying to do crafts without a fun movie playing in the background.

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