25 Random Things about Alissa

  1. I was born in Alaska, but only stayed for 16 months-ish. Went back to see it when I was 25. It’s amazing and beautiful, but still felt remote and isolated, even in the cities. Not sure I’d want to live there – especially in the dark winter.
  2.  The world stops when my hands get dirty. It’s just a weird thing about me. My hands need to be clean. I won’t even lick my fingers when cooking – I wash them instead.
  3. Speaking of cooking, I rarely eat things that I cook. I like to cook, but maybe the process of cooking makes me not hungry, or I’m sick of the food by the time it’s done? So I end up eating a lot of cereal, fruit, yogurt, sandwiches, salads – stuff that’s easy to grab. I also hate cooking for just one person (another reason why I don’t cook much).
  4. I don’t like chocolate. This is why I can have a dispenser of M&Ms on my desk at work. Dark chocolate’s acceptable, but I prefer fruity sweets (e.g., lemon raspberry cheesecake).
  5. I rarely wear jewelry. It just gets in the way. I wear a silver chain my dad gave me when I was young and the ring my grandpa gave me for college graduation. That’s about it. I don’t even wear a watch any more.
  6. If you put something in front of me, I will proofread it. Even published books.
  7. I have read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books at least a dozen times, probably two. I still love them, but now they sit carefully on a shelf because they’re ready to fall to pieces.  
  8. I love to tap dance.
  9. I almost always carry dental floss and once used it to fix a VCR.
  10. I think pencil drawings are some of the most beautiful things in the world. I find the drawing scene in Titanic mesmorizing.
  11. I will choose the floor instead of a chair and barefootedness instead of shoes.
  12. One of my pet peeves is when people scuff their feet or have poor posture while walking.
  13. Another pet peeve is if the volume on the TV is on a prime number. (Am I scaring you yet?)
  14. Peas are evil.
  15. Washing dishes is torture.
  16. I can’t stand male-bashing and how in TV shows and commercials men are routinely portrayed as stupid, ignorant, lazy, and driven only by sex. That’s one reason why I hate Everybody Loves Raymond.
  17. I collect chopsticks and movie ticket stubs.  
  18. Raccoons scare me. Sometimes when I’m about to fall asleep I hear them start chittering outside my bedroom window and my heart races and I can feel the blood pumping in my ears.
  19. I used to have a recurring dream about riding up an escalator that had no landing at the top. While I was falling, I’d suddenly be riding up the escalator again. It wasn’t a nightmare. In fact, it was strangely soothing.
  20. Joss Whedon and Steven Moffat are awesome.
  21. I’m allergic to onions.  
  22. In fifth grade, for a talent show, I said all of the books of the Bible in 28 seconds.
  23. Should God give me the courage and resources, I would love to adopt kids. So many kids out there that need good homes!
  24. You know how some people get woozy from blood? For me it’s x-rays. I get faint, light-headed, and nauseous. Once I actually passed out during an x-ray. Bring on the blood and guts but keep the pictures of bones away, please.
  25. I’m totally in love with Jesus. 
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