Pensive and Voracious

For about two months, I’ve had pensive thoughts and the nagging voice saying, “Blog about this.”

For three weeks, I’ve had an appetite for God and his word that I can only describe as voracious.

Yet every day I arrive home from work, kick off my shoes and toss my lunchpail on the counter, and flop on the sofa in front of the TV.

There are books waiting to be read.

There are words waiting to be journaled and blogged.

There are gorgeous summer evenings begging me to lounge on my porch and and sit and be with a cup of peach tea while watching the bicyclists.

There are miles of road and paths to be traversed, and my running shoes are tossed carelessly in the middle of the living room.

And there are dirty dishes piled in my sink that have been there longer than I want to admit on the internet…

There are things I want to do, things I feel a burning desire to do, and things that I had better do now before I blink and summer’s over and snows roll in.

Most of all, I want to take advantage of this voracious appetite for God that I have not experienced in years.  Maybe ever.

Yet it’s so easy to distract myself.  I should say that what I’ve been watching on TV isn’t random, but rather my favorite show.  A friend loaned me the DVDs.  And I am enjoying it.  But I have a tendency to watch two or three episodes per night.  “Media binging”, I call it.

And suddenly, it’s 9:30.  Time to be thinking about bed.  And I’ve done nothing.

Commence project: distraction elimination.  

Time to go screenless, both TV and computer.

Time to purchase another month of rec center membership – because I know I’ll go if I’ve spent money and there’s a ticking deadline.

And time to clean those dishes.

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