Fitness Goals

In high school, there was an elective class for weight training.  I remember thinking, “Who in their right mind would sign up for extra gym classes?”

Now I think, “You mean, I could have earned credits just by working out?”

I find myself sort of slowly evolving into a fitness buff – and it’s kind of ironic that it took eleven years of living in this exercise-crazed city (state, even) for it to happen.

I only started running about a year ago, and age 29 has to be a pretty late age to start becoming physically active.  And, let’s face it, sitting on the couch watching TV while eating pizza is still a fun option.  So I’ve done / signed up for several (most small) races this summer to keep me motivated.

  • May: half marathon and 10K
  • June: 2K and 5K
  • July: 3K
  • August: 1mi and 5K
  • September: potentially another half marathon?

I’ve also started setting some goals for myself.  Some are BHAGs, and some I think are accomplishable for me with enough work.  Problem is that some fall in the middle, and I’m not sure which those are.  But I suppose they give me something to shoot for, right?

  • Break an eight-minute mile (preferably during that August 1-mile race)
  • Complete another half marathon
  • Bike to the top of Mount Evans
  • Do a bike tour through Europe
  • Bike across the United States
  • Complete a full marathon
  • Hike the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu

I realize that several of these involve a bicycle, something I don’t currently have.  Keeping my eyes peeled for a cheap, used road bike.

I’ve also recently started weight training.  I read an article a few months ago that said you need both aerobic exercise and weights in order to really get in shape.  So, bought another month-long membership to the gym and plan to go at 6AM a few days per week.  Thankfully, since it’s summer, the weight machines are free at that time.

My next race (a 5K) is this Sunday.  I’m still by no means a fast runner, so my goal is just to run the entire thing without dropping to a walk.  Wish me luck!

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