The many faces (and hair lengths) of Alissa

I’m not terribly photogenic.  Seriously, I’ve had others say it about me, too.  So making faces and being silly during photos is kind of standard for me.  I figure if I can’t look normal, I do my best to look abnormal – right?  I didn’t realize HOW standard it had become until I was looking through Facebook photos people had tagged of me…

Glee and snow angel at 14,000 feet.

Don't worry; it's Oreo sticks.

Two-thumbs-up is kind of a theme for me...

Yep, I need no encouragement to be silly.

Badeeb, badeeb, badeeb, that’s all folks!  For now.  Actually, these seem a bit tame.  Gonna have to let the wild faces fly on camera more often…

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