Cairns and Creation

If you’ve ever been hiking – or, rather, if you’ve ever paid attention while hiking – you’ve no doubt come across many cairns.  Cairns are simply piles of rocks.  They could contain anywhere from a handful of rocks to hundreds.  They’re used to mark a trail.

I’ve been lost on many a hike, thinking I was so far off the trail but I’ll stumble upon it eventually, only to look up and see a cairn.  And realize that either I found the trail, or at least someone else has been in my position before.

Cairns are simple.  You can create one in ten seconds.

They’re also unnatural.  Regardless of size or complexity, cairns are clear proof that another human was there.  You know this even if you’ve never seen a cairn before.  Rocks don’t naturally pile up.

Something as simple as a pile of rocks.  And yet you know that there is intelligence behind its creation.  It was designed.

How much more so are we, human beings, designed by an intelligent Creator?  I firmly hold that if everyone studied the complexity of DNA and it’s functioning and replication they could not believe in anything but creation.

Now every time I see one of those little rock piles, I say a little prayer thanking God for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  (Psalm 139:14)



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