Thinking of “Meekness”

Ever known someone and think, “Wow, I wish she/he had Jesus”?  Because even though Jesus never says our lives following Him will be easy (in fact, He says the opposite), somehow having Him can make things easier to bear?

I have a coworker who has.. well.. we’ll say an attitude problem.  Though he loves to crack jokes and laugh, when he’s upset everyone knows it – and the change can be like flipping a switch.  He has a challenging job and from what I know of his personal life there are challenges there, too.  He often acts as though the whole world is conspiring against him, and sees clouds in every silver lining.

Last week he was frustrated with something and yelled at me – not because it was my fault but because I was there.  I confronted him, saying, “I know you’re upset, but it’s not okay to take it out on me.”  He nearly broke down in tears, saying that he didn’t like who he was.

That evening I was driving with the radio on.  Normally I tune the DJs out because sometimes they’re just talking to fill up airspace, not necessarily with anything of note.  But for some reason the words caught my ear.

He was talking about meekness.  Meekness gets a horrible rap – just check the dictionary.  Yet Jesus calls the meek blessed.  The DJ was reading from something that talked about meekness as a quiet strength, and also likened to a peaceful harbor in a storm.  (Sorry, it’s been a week; can’t remember it word-for-word.)

I haven’t studied meekness extensively, but that’s not really what this post is about.  The point is that as soon as I heard it, I thought, “That’s what I want to be for my coworker – and for others.  Call it meekness, call it whatever, but I want to be a quiet place.  A person to whom people can go an gain perspective in a mixed up world, and where hot tempers can be cooled.”

I’ve wondered over the past few years why I’m still at my job, and have to conclude that God has work for me there.  And perhaps this is part of it.  So I continue to pray for my coworker, but also that God would give me the sensitivity to be who He needs me to be in different situations.

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