Seeing God’s Love in “Toy Story”

When Toy Story 3 came out, I saw it in the theater three times.  And then I think I also watching it on Netflix streaming.  I loved it that much.  And I started thinking about how long it’s been since I saw the first Toy Story.  So I Netflixed it – the old fashioned way, by DVD.

Something amazing struck me part way through this first movie.  It was the scene where Buzz sees the commercial for the Buzz Lightyear action figures and realizes, for the first time, that he’s not who he thought he was.  He doesn’t have a mission.  He can’t fly.  He’s one of thousands of manufactured pieces of plastic.

And he gets depressed.  (And ‘tipsy’ on Darjeeling.)

After a few scenes including Woody pleading for Buzz to help them escape Sid’s house, Buzz comes to realize something.  His worth comes from who he belongs to.  He is precious to Andy.  He means the world to Andy.  Andy gives him value and meaning and purpose.

And he looks at his foot, which is inscribed with “Andy”.  In permanent ink.

Don’t take the comparison too far, but it reminded me that my worth comes not from myself, or who *I* think I am, or what *I* think my purpose is.  My value comes from who I belong to: I am a beloved child of God!  

Except instead of us having God written on the soles of our feet, Isaiah says that God has engraved us in the palm of His hand.  How truly precious to Him are we!

Pictures from here and here

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