More Painted Shoes

I still make things.  All the time. I just forget to take pictures of them.  Or forget to blog about them.  Or can’t find my camera so I can’t post about them.

Inspired by Dana’s yellow shoes I decided to paint a cheapo pair from Payless that I never wear.  They were red and although that’s my favorite color, they were the wrong shade of red to wear with much.

So it was off to McGuckins to buy a can of apple green spray paint.

Three coats later and I had some fun green shoes just shy of neon – which I guess goes with the 80s revival we’re in the midst of.

Only problem was, as Dana mentioned in her post, cracking.  She said there were just a few cracks in her shoes and that they added character.  Well, after walking the mile to work and mile home on day one, let’s say my shoes were character-rich…


Into the trash they went.  So what’s a girl with a nearly-full can of apple green spray paint to do?

I grabbed another pair of shoes, of course.


They used to be pale pink, but had gotten kinda dirty over a year of wear.

But since they were cloth, I knew they’d soak that paint right up.

And I was right.

I like to think of them as Doctor Who meets Doctor Seuss…

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