Doctor Who and the nature of God

A friend forwarded me a link to an article, “How Doctor Who Became My Religion“.  If you already clicked on that link then you’re missing my disclaimer here that it’s from a comedy site that likes to use colorful language sometimes.  Not my fault that you didn’t look before you leaped!  

For those that don’t know about Doctor Who, a brief summary: it’s the greatest TV show ever made.  Started in the 60s, and got revamped in the last decade.  The Doctor is an alien who travels through time and space in a big blue box.  Occasionally he can regenerate into different forms with different appearances and personalities.  You’ve got to admit that’s a pretty genius idea for a TV show – the ability to go any where any time (and to seamlessly replace your main character with another actor). 

My eyes glazed over at some points during the article (e.g., the Doctor is fallible, but my God is certainly not), but there were two points that jumped out at me and made me think more about my amazing and loving God. 

The Doctor chooses to live with us.  He is infinitely more powerful (and cleverer) than humans.  Yet of everything he has encountered in his travels, he enjoys us the most!  He finds us fascinating! 

How much more amazing is it that the God of the universe loves us and wants to participate in our lives?  Extremely humbling, to me. 

The Doctor doesn’t always make sense, because what we know about the Doctor is just a drop in the bucket.  I’m going to insert a quote directly from the article here:

“Often the Doctor behaves in ways I don’t full appreciate because he’s lived for over 900 years (50 on TV) and there is so much I haven’t seen.  So many episodes I’ve missed.  And that’s just with a TV show.  Imagine for a moment that there is a real God.  How many of His storylines have we not been exposed to?  That god must have been broadcasting on channels we don’t get for millennia.  It would take a lifetime longer than the Doctor’s to fully understand such a God.”

And I was reminded how much we DON’T know– nay, CAN’T know about God.  The Bible is hardly exhaustive.  The God I serve is SO BIG that He cannot be fully contained and explained in one book, no matter the size.  I do believe the Bible is a good snapshot, though, and that it is powerful and enough for us to come to the best understanding of God that our feeble human minds may be capable of.  But He’s still going to blow our minds a lot of times.  Just like I don’t understand how the TARDIS is linked to the Doctor symbiotically through the briode nebuliser. 

And that’s okay, because it makes every day (or episode) that much more exciting.

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