Why I LOVE living in a college town

So many reasons!  Here are some: 

Cheap or free events!  Last Saturday when I hopped out of the shower, I hear/felt a low rumble.  I realized what it was and hustled to get dressed and up to the campus.  High school band day!  Marching band performances all day, for only $5?  Sweet!  If I hadn’t had plans to meet up with friends to watch the game that afternoon I surely would have stuck around.  Instead, I walked home and could hear the noise of an announcer coming from the rec center.  Not being in a hurry yet I popped my head in: swim and dive meet for club sports!  So I had to go watch that for a few minutes.  For free.  How about the free wizards show they put on every weekend for kids?  (Shh, don’t tell them it’s actually science!)  Or free movie previews?  Or the international film series which is only a couple bucks?  Or the free recitals and performances by the music students?  Or all the NCAA sporting events that can be $5 or less?  Yes, a college has loads of cheap entertainment. 

Alternative-transportation-friendliness!  A huge population of students means there’s going to be traffic problems – unless you have a nice bus system and bike lanes/paths.  For anything recreational, I just walk!  No parking fees for this girl – nuh-uh!  I’d love to have a bike with a basket for my groceries; right now I still drive because lugging heavy produce is just too annoying for me – even though the grocery store is only a few blocks away.  If my church, friends, and family all lived here, I don’t know that I’d even both owning a car.  Well, scratch that because there is still the lure of the mountains… 

Free stuff!  Walking home last week, there was a vendor from Jimmy Johns with a big bag slung over her shoulder handing out sandwiches.  Just like that.  Sah-weet!  Plus, vendors love hanging out on campuses and handing out stuff with their logo on it.  As long as it’s something I can actually use (chip clip? sure! Kleenex for my car? sure! flip flops? sure!), I’ll snap that stuff up. 

Enthusiasm!  There’s nothing quite like seeing the faces of students and their parents when they show up for move-in in August.  Or those same faces on graduation day.  Or feeling all the energy on game day when you can (literally) hear the roar of the crowd from on top of the nearby mountain. 

Yeah, after eleven years here I’ve got to say there’s something awesome about living in a college town.

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