I want a library book queue

I went camping last weekend.  I agree very much with Vesuvius: “Tent camping is one of those things only first-world people do for fun, along with slaving in the hot sun to pick our own berries, making our own cheese and yogurt, canning preserves, and wearing high heels.  Everywhere else in the world they call these activities what they are, which is ‘hard work’ and ‘things I would never, ever do if I didn’t have to’.”

I’d also add “exercise” to this list. 

I wish that the library was like Netflix in that I could have a queue.  Like I couldn’t get another book until I returned one.  Or that I could have more than three weeks to read one. 

Instead, I go to the web site with a list of books I want to read and enter them in the system for holds.  And they all seem to become available at once, and I can’t read them all in three weeks.  So then I renew them, but in the meantime the ones that I had requested holds for but someone had checked out have now become available and I have to pick THOSE up from the hold shelf or they’ll fall out of my queue.  Now I have even MORE books I have to read, and more pressure to read them all in three weeks! 

Why can’t I just have a list on my library account: “Books I Want to Read”.  I can move them up and down the queue priority, but if I have more than five queued books checked out they won’t be put on the hold shelf for me.  And if I don’t go in and pick them up from the hold shelf because I had to stay late at work for a meeting and got to the library five minutes after it closed, they put it back on my queue instead of making me go in and reserve it again. 

Problems first-world people deal with…

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2 Responses to I want a library book queue

  1. Colleen says:

    ME TOO!!!! One time my sister said “I wish there was a Netflix for books” and I said “There is. It’s called the Library.”

    • Alissa says:

      Yeah, but it’s still not quite the same! Netflix doesn’t have a three week maximum check out time, nor let you end up with a pile of movies larger than you can possibly get through. Well, and movies only take two hours; books generally take much longer. I wonder if they even MAKE library systems that allow for a queue!

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