And now for something ridiculous…

So just yesterday I ran across the awesomeness that is Guy On a Buffalo, and proceeded to watch it several times – along with episodes two, three, and four.

It’s only been on the internet for two months, but I my jaw dropped because that’s two months that I had lived without seeing this.  I hit play again, and laughed some more.  Play again.  Play again.  E-mailed family friends telling them they had to see this.

As a CU alum and a big fan of the prairie pioneers era of our country’s history, I admit I love all things buffalo.  I have heard people ask sometimes if you can ride Ralphie, to which I snort with wide eyes, “You could try, but she might kill you!  She ain’t exactly tame.”

So I wondered where they got this footage of a guy riding a buffalo.  Thankfully youtube answer quickly with the related links.  It’s from a movie made in the 1970s called “Buffalo Rider” – and you can watch the whole thing for free on youtube!!  So, being that it was Saturday morning and I didn’t have anything to do until a Halloween party that night (well, other than procrastinate from apartment cleaning), I watched it.

And it was pretty awesome for an obscure movie made in the mid 70s that contains ZERO well-known actors.  Much of the movie is narrated and is like watching an episode of Wild America.

I found myself wondering, “How on Earth did they make this movie?????”  If you’re going to watch it, be forewarned that here be some spoilers.

In addition to a dude riding a BUFFALO (fine, American bison, if you want to be specific), this movie includes footage of:

  • Coyotes attacking a baby buffalo
  • Guy being mauled by a grizzly
  • Two grizzlies mauling each other while dude who was just mauled by a grizzly lie ten feet away playing dead – oh, and camera men appear to be right up in the faces of these dueling grizzlies
  • Guy being attacked by a cougar
  • Cougar and raccoon fighting, including the cougar trying to drown the raccoon
  • Said raccoon being swept away on a chunk of ice as a river flash floods
  • Buffalo being attacked by a wolf and kicking said wolf in the face
  • Guy riding a buffalo across a raging river
  • Guy riding the buffalo while being circled by a pack of wolves trying to attack them

Let’s say that there’s no way this movie would get one of those “No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Film” notices.

After I watched, as I was looking around trying to find more info on this movie, I saw a comment that called this a “real life documentary about being a bad-ass”.  No kidding!

The most distressing part about this movie was the opening few minutes when the narrator talks about how the buffalo herds were hunted to near extinction.  And there’s shots of buffalo being hunted.  I also have no idea how they filmed that; the animals went down as though they really WERE shot.

Anyway, if you have ten minutes to spare, watch Guy On a Buffalo episodes 1-4.  If you have 90 minutes to spare, watch Buffalo Rider and be amazed that there are no special effects in this movie.  It’s all real.  What an incredible world God has made!

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