Sunday school chronicles

Kindergarten/first-grade Sunday school is one of the highlights of my week.

The script for today’s lesson came with the instructions that it should be read with an English accent and proper English mannerisms.  After reading the first few sentences, I thought, “I must do this as the Eleventh Doctor” – though sans Sonic screwdriver.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, nor how my English accent would come across – believe me, I threw up several prayers that morning!  I knew either the kids would all be pulling each other’s hair because they couldn’t understand me, or they’d be at rapt attention.

It was definitely rapt attention.  Which I call a smashing success.  Anything that can get their focus off their shoelaces and onto Jesus is something I endorse.

* * * * *

One of my Sunday school buddies is miss Hayley, who is cute as a button and always thrilled to see me.  She ran up to me today and my eyes got wide, I overreacted, and hugged her while flipping her upside down.  We got to talking about her Thanksgiving and the snowy weekend.

Me: I ran a race yesterday, and it was so cold and super slippery with all the snow!

Hayley: Yeah, it was like that yesterday!

Me: I was afraid I was going to fall down on the ice.  I saw some other people slip on the ice.

Hayley: Did you help them up?  Because that’s what Jesus would want you to do.

Sniff, I love it when my kiddos can apply Jesus to their real lives!  Note: I didn’t help them up because they were either too far away or got up too fast.  I did not observe any serious slipping injuries on the course.

* * * * *

After Sunday school when I was waiting in the lobby for big church to start, one of my kiddos, Ellie, came up and started talking to me, dressed as a Redskins cheerleader.  I saw her dad was wearing a Redskins sweatshirt.  She told me she had a baby brother.

Me: So what do you get a baby brother for Christmas?

Ellie: Um, a blankie?

Me: That’s a good idea.  What kind of blankie?  Will you get him a Redskins blankie?

Ellie: [exasperated sigh] We don’t know if he’s a Redskins fan yet.

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