Philosophizing: Lola and Timing

I read through a lot of my old blog posts a few weeks ago and realized that I spend a lot of time writing about seeing or experiencing something and then relating that to God.  Here’s another one in that vein…

I recently watched the movie Run, Lola, Run.  It’s a German, 1990s crime thriller movie, and the fashion feels so stereotypically 90s that it make ms nostalgic for high school.  Just a little.

The general premise is that Lola’s boyfriend needs a huge sum of cash in 20 minutes, or he’ll be killed by his gang leader.  So Lola runs from place to place as she tries to accomplish this task.

How does a 20-minute task become a 90 minute movie?  She does it three times, with three different outcomes.  The only difference is the timing.  Her journey is off by a few seconds each time.  This results in things like her being hit by a car or nearly missed by a car, or coming into a room at a different point in a conversation, or meeting up with her boyfriend at a slightly different time.

And it made me think about God, and His timing.

I highly doubt that in a random 20-minute period of my life there are many split second timing decisions that would result in drastically different outcomes.  But I’ll bet there are some.  And if you look at my life as a whole, thirty years is a lot of time for God to work.  Some things have happened that I wish wouldn’t, and some things haven’t happened that I wish would.

But how different would my life be if God hadn’t put those in exactly those places at those times?  There’s no way that I can know.

Lola’s story is an example of timing being everything.  And I truly believe that God’s timing is best, even though I admit that I don’t understand it.

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