Olympics Epic Trip 2012

I wanted to see the Olympics, so I planned a trip!  And then I figured if paying to go across an ocean, better go for a while and so that the jet lag doesn’t kill me.  So it evolved into a fantastic trip of – in my opinion – epic adventures.  Well, epic for a girl who usually spends her days in front of a computer scheduling meetings…

Trip Diary

25 July – 27 July: Iceland and London

28 July – 30 July: London

31 July – 2 August: Prague

3 August – 5 August: Olympics!

6 August – 8 August: Olympics and Bath

9 August – 11 August: Bike Tour

12 August – 13 August : Bike Tour

14 August – 16 August : London

Click here if you want to see a bajillion pics on Flickr.

Click here if you want to see approximately a bajillion trip pictures. So many that most don’t have captions; sorry.

Looking back on the trip, one year later

Leading up to the trip… 

Olympics Trip Countdown, pt 1: Iceland

Olympics Trip Countdown, pt 2: Olympics!

Olympics Trip Countdown, pt 3: bike tour

Olympics Trip Countdown, pt 4: Prague

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