Diary of an Invalid

Fill the kettle and put it on the stove.  Boil water.

Make tea.  Take a tentative sip and burn your tongue.  Set it down to cool.

Blow nose.  Toss tissue on the floor with the others.

Flip on the TV.  Even though some cable people just came to install a digital converter box so you now have hundreds more channels (which you never asked for), marvel at the fact that there’s so much junk on TV.  Mourn that with all these new channels, you still don’t get BBCA.

Blow nose.

Leave the TV where it is and flip open laptop.  Scan headlines of local news website.  Nothing terribly interesting.

Glance back up at the TV and realize you stopped surfing on a show where brides judge each other’s wedding.  Despite your mind decreased functioning, realize that this is horribly disgusting.  Go to Facebook and write a status saying so.

Blow nose.

Remember you made tea.  Take a sip.  It’s cold now.  Sigh.  Chug it anyway.

Go back to kitchen and use remaining water in kettle to fill Netipot.  It’s still kind of warm.  Set it aside.

Fill kettle and put it on the stove.  Boil water again for more tea.

Eat some cheese because you want to eat something strong enough you can taste.  Regret it when your body seems to double mucus output.

Blow nose.  Blow nose.  Blow nose.

Netipot.  Gross.

Take a bath, not because you’re dirty (well, you are) but because you need some comfort.  And the steam might help clear your nose.

Stumble to the kitchen looking for something to eat.  Refrain from yogurt even though it looks tasty.  Chips.  Why not.

Blow nose.

Check work e-mail.  Respond to a few so you can feel like you’re not worthless.  Also to limit the pile of unread messages when you finally get back to work.

Nose is dripping now.  Like a faucet.  Jam tissue up there and breath through your mouth.

Prepare for drastic action.

Find a small cup.  Fill halfway with previously-boiled water.  Add a splash of apple cider vinegar.  Find an eye dropper.  Give yourself a pep talk.  “You can do this.  You can do this.  You want to get better, don’t you?”  Go Google this again, even though you’ve read it before.  Fill eye dropper with solution, take a deep breath, squirt it up your nose.

Oh, it burns.  It burns.  Tears run out of your eyes.  And that’s just the right side.  Do the left now.

Blow nose.

Move pile of tissues to the garbage can.

Back to the couch.  Turn on Netflix.  Terminator 1.  Never seen it.  Heard it’s not good.  Perfect mindless movie for sickness.  Stare blankly at the screen.  Drink more tea.  Eat some cereal.  Blow nose.

Go to bed not because you’re tired but because you don’t want to be awake.

Sinus infections suck.

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