Olympics trip countdown, part three: The Bike Tour!!

When I think about this trip, I don’t know what to be most excited about.  I love the Olympics, but add in Reykjavik and what else could we toss in to make things funner?  How about a bicycle tour? 

I first got the idea for a bike tour when I stumbled on REI’s web site and saw some of the excursions they offer.  (Why I was looking at their travel site in the first place, I can’t quite remember.  But I do have a friend who went to Belize through them and said it was amazing.)  I was particularly intrigued by a trip they offer biking from Vienna to Prague!  However, I was a bit concerned about the price. 

But the idea of a bike tour still intrigued me.  Googling around, I found a few companies that offers bike tours in the UK – Suffolk and Norfolk.  They’re self-guided (but as opposed to traveling and Austria and the Czech Republic, I’d already speak the local language) and a bit shorter, but also less than half the price. 

The more I thought about it, the more I knew that this had to be added to the epic trip.  Getting off the main paths to see a bit more of the countryside.  Going at my own pace.  They book a room for you each night in a hotel, and you just get there whenever and however you want – though of course they give you maps.  But if I want to stop and go over thataway, I can. 

That photo in the previous post is from the seaside town of Aldeburgh – one of the stops on one of the many trips they offer.  Being a mountain-dweller, I’m excited about the prospect of seeing an ocean.  I’m not a swimmer, so I don’t care if it’s cold.  Just to bike along it would be a delight. 

I’m excited about seeing some inland sights, too, though. 

I doubted if I should write a post about this because I haven’t booked anything yet.  I have three weeks in the UK and with the exception of those Olympics tickets in the middle I don’t know which days to book for.  Also, they offer so many tours that look interesting that I can’t decide!  How do you decide between awesome and awesome? 

Well, if it were up to you, what would you guys pick? 

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