Olympics trip countdown, part four: Prague

I hope you didn’t think I was done, did you?  No way, this is the epic trip of epicness we’re talking about here.  It’s becoming more and more real as I look a whole file of e-mail confirmations for tickets to London, tickets to the Olympics, registration for a bike trip, and also tickets to Prague. 

When another college friend of mine told me two years ago that she and her husband decided to up and move to Prague, I was awed and inspired.  I like to dream big, but I’m totally scared of going for my dreams.  Moving across an ocean to a country where you don’t speak the language?  Talk about gutsy. 

I actually considered doing something similar (check the blog archives).  I decided against it due in part to the fact I don’t have a highly marketable trade to support myself (even if I’m pretty good at my job) in this worldwide economic upheaval, but also because I was skeered!  Scared of trying to trying to figure out visa requirements and new languages.  I’m the girl who’s scared of being out of control and I decided that moving abroad was too scary.  For now, at least. 

I’m still skeered about the prospect of landing in a country where I won’t speak the language, but if I can do it for nine hours in Iceland, by golly I’ll give it a shot for 72 hours in the Czech Republic.  If I’m going all the way across an ocean, why not pop over to the mainland for a bit, eh?  Who knows when I’ll get another chance. 

As for my plans?  No clue.  This friend has also offered to let me sleep on her couch (I have such generous friends!  I’ll put any of you up in Colorado if you want to visit, by the way.  Hint!) so I’m going to leave it at seat-of-the-pants status right now. 

You know what makes it even more real than looking at e-mail confirmations?  Looking at my bank statement.  🙂  I’ve taken fun trips before, but never across an ocean and never of such epic proportions!  I have no doubt that it’ll be well worth the dutifully-saved pennies – that will turn into pounds, korunas, and kronas in only 165 days…

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