Monday Memories: Swimming and Sunbathing

The summer that my mom was pregnant with my little sister, i spent a lot of time with my aunt, Alice.  I remember many toasted bagels and glasses of apple juice that summer.  I also remember going swimming.

I was only two, so “swimming” was just sitting in a few inches of water at the local community baby pool.  I remember at one point that one of the other kids splashed rather energetically and got me wetter than I wanted to be – probably my face and hair.  I guess I didn’t like confrontation even then, because I elected to just remove myself from the situation.

I climbed out of the pool and ran across the hot concrete to my towel, where I could dry off.  The towel was spread out and warm, toasting in the sun.  Rather than wrap up in it and have nothing to sit on, I decided to do like the other ladies I saw at the pool.  I laid down on my belly in the bright sunshine and waited for the rays to dry my wet hair.

Isn’t it weird what you remember from being a child?

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