Beware of Monsters

Pardon the poor-quality camera phone pictures.

I painted a bunch of rocks to look like monsters.  (Not an original idea.)

Then released them into the wild.  (Also not an original idea.)

And by “wild” I mean hid them on the college campus.

Why?  Because I find it amusing.

Some will be found pretty quickly, and others not so much.

As I was placing them, I thought about the people that would find them.  Too often we just rush through life never stopping to notice the things around us.  But maybe some folks will notice these guys, which is a nice little reinforcement to stop and smell the roses, right?

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4 Responses to Beware of Monsters

  1. Great blog post and great work. The last picture of the rock wearing a tie in the tree is wonderful. Cheers.

    • Alissa says:

      Thanks! It was lots of fun to find hiding places for them this morning while everyone was still waking up. Will be interesting to follow up on them over the next few weeks to see if some get ‘adopted’.

      • I like that once you put something out there it has a life of it’s own. It may make someone smile or it may be lost to the elements or someone may take it away and treasure it, others may be inspired by your artwork. All I can say is well done and don’t leave it too long before you leave other gifts out there. Best wishes……

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