Why I’m loving my thirties

I have a job with benefits like dental and retirement and disability.  I have paid off my car and my student loans (yippee!).  I’ve budgeted so I can monthly give money to charities that I like.  I feed, clothe, house, and entertain myself, and do my darned best to try to keep the dishes clean. 

All this to say that I’ve figured out how to be a reponsible adult. 

Some other things I do:

  • Go barefoot whenever an option – including behind my desk in my office.  (I used to attend my old church without shoes so often I was called the barefoot girl.) 
  • Play in the creek.
  • Color.  With crayons. 
  • Eat PB&Js.
  • Wear pigtails.
  • Make goofy faces at the camera.
  • Wear a costume whenever I have an excuse.
  • Have ice cream and nachos for dinner. 
  • Drive an hour to Estes Park just to buy candy.  (Taffy Shop, yay!)
  • Dance when there’s no music, sometimes at the copy machine.
  • “Perch” on furniture – mostly couch armrests.
  • Sit on my feet in a chair. 
  • Sit on the floor instead of in a chair. 
  • Climb anything climbable like statues and old trains and big rocks.
  • Catch bugs and toads. 
  • Do cartwheels.
  • Play on swings. 
  • Read Beverly Cleary books.
  • Decorate with Christmas lights.
  • Play Spoons.  And Ultimate Spoons, when I have brave enough friends. 
  • Chase pigeons. 
  • Sing “Deep and Wide”, “Down in my Heart”, “I’m in the Lord’s Army”, and “I am a C”.  (I am so sad that my Sunday schoolers don’t know these classics – even if singing Audio Adrenaline’s “Big House” on Sundays is super duper fun.) 

Somewhere along the line people stop thinking of you as immature for doing these things and start thinking of you as young-at-heart.  I think that line may be the magical age of thirty.  And that’s pretty fantastic. 

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2 Responses to Why I’m loving my thirties

  1. Katie says:

    How am I just discovering your blog now??? That is ridiculous of me. Your list has confirmed it: we would make excellent real life friends. I especially love that you drive to Estes Park just for candy!

    • Alissa says:

      Ha, maybe because everyone has a blog and there’s too many out there to keep track of them all? 🙂 And yes, the Taffy Shop in Estes is worth the commute; I’ve told the owner before that if they ever start accepting credit cards for payment (they only take cash) that I am DOOMED.

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