Week in Review: Friday Superlatives

I rarely feel that I have enough to say to write a full blog post, so here’s summary of my week — in superlative format!

Best text message:

I didn’t care that this woke me up at 6:17 on a Saturday morning.  This text message meant that my friend had just summitted her fifty-eighth fourteener.  For you non-Coloradans, there are 58 peaks in Colorado taller than 14,000 feet.  After several years of hard work, she finished climbing all of them.  It’s a big accomplishment, and I couldn’t be prouder.  She wrote a great story about her experiences HERE and you should read it.  Have some tissues ready.

Best use for a pregnant lady:

Free food!  My other friend – who is very pregnant – showed up for our girls’ night bemoaning the fact that the area.. um.. north of her belly has.. um.. grown in preparation for her child’s arrival.  We all went out for dessert (and salad.  You know you’re a grown up when you think, “Hmm, salad sounds good, too”), and had a very cute and flirty waiter.  When our bill arrived, it was only $13 instead of $60.  We were shocked and excited, and we teased that it was because of her.. size.  She blushed but after a trip to the bathroom gasped, “Oh my, I didn’t realize this shirt showed them THAT much!!”  We can’t say for certain that’s why our food was so cheap, but she was the one sitting on the outside of the table…

Best dream:

Apparently chocolate + salad (+ hot tubbing afterwards) is a great recipe for crazy dreams.  And there were several that night.  But the one that stands out the most was the story of the time-traveling superhero-slash-secret-agent.  He looked like Hawkeye from Avengers and drove an orange, convertible Aston Martin.  He also had a pet rabbit that rode on his back like a cape.  The dream was shown movie style and even had opening credits.  Unfortunately, I woke up before I could see how it ended.

Best bargain: 

Finding rail tickets from London to Suffolk – the last logistical purchase neeed for the epic trip – for only $25.  Round trip.  Oh yeah, baby.  There might have been a happy dance in my desk chair.

Worst bargain:

I received yet another e-mail from the US Olympics tickets vendor saying more tickets are available.  (I keep rolling my eyes when I get these e-mails.  They’ve “released more tickets” at least five times.  Sigh.)  I glanced at the offerings, only planning to get something it if was under $100 and fit my schedule (nothing did).  And I saw tickets are still available for the closing ceremonies.  Only $1900 each.  Or $2800 for GOOD seats.  What a steal!  Makes me wonder what ticket prices were for the OPENING ceremonies.

Worst lapse in judgement:

Heading out for a nine-mile run at 9:45AM.  Way! Too! Hot!!! Thankfully I was running along the creek.  I stopped a few times to dip my hair in the water or dunk my shirt.  I haven’t been for a long summer run in too long.  Lesson learned.  Right when I got home, clouds rolled in and it started raining.  Grr. 

Best cooking breakthrough: 

Sitting at home craving sweets but having none in the house, I thought, “Maybe I should make chocolate chip cookies.  No, wait, I don’t have any eggs.  Oh!  But that means I have all the ingredients for cookie dough!”  And that’s how I came to have a log of if-I-actually-cooked-it-it-might-turn-out-weird-but-I-can-eat-it-raw-because-it-doesn’t-have-eggs cookie dough in my fridge.  Oh yeah.

Best Boulder-is-awesome discovery: 

I’ve lived in Boulder (or very near it) for twelve years now, and I keep discovering more reasons to love it.  The latest is the B360 bike loop – a path that goes almost all the way around the city.  I couldn’t go on the official ride last weekend, but decided to try it out on my own after work.

Since I was riding on my own I stopped a lot to check the map.  And got lost several times and backtracked because not all the streets on the map are marked.  Then about halfway through I noticed these were spray-painted everywhere all along the bike paths:

Duh, Alissa.  In my partial defense, though, the primary part where I got lost was near Wonderland Lake – which is DIRT trails.  Can’t spray paint there!

Aside from getting lost a few times, the only time I deliberately deviated from the course was to do the southern loop of the B180 trail along South Boulder Creek.  It’s a gorgeous ride.  If you don’t believe me, scroll up. My blog header photo was taken along that path.  Plus, then I actually was closer to going all the way around Boulder. 

I also saw a pretty bird.

Nerdiest moment:

Preparing a salad for a committee retreat, spinning lettuce in the salad spinner saying, “The power of centripetal force compels you!”

Nerdiest moment (runner up):

Standing in the parking lot before eating our girls-night dessert wearing eclipse glasses to watch the transit of Venus.

Most disappointing:

My garden.  Which after two months of work looks like this:

Yes, things are growing.  But here’s the stuff I’ve actually planted:

I have no idea what all the other green things are.  Would be nice if some are things blown into my plot from the other gardens, but I’m not that optimistic.  I’m waiting until they get a bit bigger to see if I can figure out if they’re weeds or edibles.

Speaking of bigger, it’s hard to not feel covetous when my neighbors – many of whom I saw planting LATER than I did – have gardens that look like this.

Best life parable:

My garden.  I don’t know how we got on the subject, but in my ladies Bible study we started talking about how following God doesn’t really come naturally.  We’re all so much more inclined to do what WE want to do that what HE wants us to do.

It made me think of my garden, and how the things that are good things – the veggies – are not coming easily.  The things that are coming easily – the weeds – are the bad things.  I don’t have to do anything and the weeds just move right on in!  And believe me, before I started the garden this year, I tore out every single green thing growing in that plot and replaced the top few inches of soil.  Yet still, weeds everywhere!  (Still hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that some are just seeds that migrated – but I doubt that’ll be the majority.)

How often it’s like that with God!  It’s so easy to watch TV or read failblog instead of pray or read his word.  But the former aren’t good for us and the latter are.  One friend said, “Do you think we ever reach a point where it becomes easier and comes more naturally to follow God than to not?”  Another said, “I don’t think so, but I think you probably reach a point where you become more quickly aware of the fact that you’re drifting away.”

So my prayer is for more focus on God and his kingdom and the things that are good for me and for the ones he loves rather than the harmful, and to become more aware when I drift away.

So that’s my week!  How was yours?  

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