Week in review superlatives, 2!

Short superlatives post this week.  I’m writing this during my lunch break at work because…

Most annoying:

Coming home mid-week to find my computer dead.  The power cable is fried, so the battery used itself up.  Need a new cable.  Which is made even more confusing by the fact that my cable (that came with the computer) is 19V and all the ones for sale on the Dell web site are 30V.  Until I figure out what I want to do, living the computer-free life at home.

Best text message:

Received on Wednesday, when I learned that my friend had just become a momma!  (Guess no more free food?)  He’s a tiny fella at 5lbs 5oz, but quite the cutie.  You know, in an old-man-looking newborn sort of way.  🙂

Best bargain:

Finding a wallet for 50 cents at the Mapleton Hill rummage sale!  I’m very particular about wallets, because I don’t like carrying a purse if I can avoid it.  I usually stick things in my pockets.  It’s surprisingly hard to find a wallet that is small AND has a coin purse.  So I was EXTREMELY excited to find this.  It’s even my favorite color.

Best sunset:

Say what you will about wildfires, but they help make for some spectacular sunsets.

Grossest afternoon:

Volunteering at a local wildlife center where they’re currently raising 88 abandoned baby raccoons.  (In addition to many other animals.)  My friend who works there said there are always volunteers who want to feed baby animals, but rarely anyone who wants to help clean.  So I said I’d help clean.  And I spent a few hours scraping poop and food off laundry from the raccoon cages.  And found a pile of maggots under one of the laundry piles.  (Sorry, hope you weren’t in the middle of eating lunch.)  Surprisingly, I wasn’t that grossed out by any of it, and I’m glad I could help out.

Scariest moment:

Getting to hold a baby raccoon named Squeaker after all that cleaning.  I am quite scared of raccoons, but my friend said the babies are much kinder than the agressive and huge adults we have wandering Boulder.  So I was doing my best to be brave.  But I think I’ll leave the raccoon-tending to others. 

Best youtube video:

Loca, the pug who can’t run.  I was laughing so hard that I was crying, and then I teared up again at the end with the beautiful moral to the story of loving life no matter your circumstances.  I may have watched this video five times today already…


Most appropriate Bible lesson:

After teaching my Sunday schoolers the story of Lazarus and how we need to trust God no matter how we feel (Mary and Martha feeling sad, maybe angry, confused, and excited throughout the process), I was riding my bike home and feeling like I didn’t do a good job teaching the lesson.  Did you catch that?  Feeling like I didn’t do a good job.  I didn’t facepalm – because I was riding my bike and needed both hands to avoid the snakes sunning themselves on the road – but did recognize the humor.

Did I do a perfect job teaching the lesson?  Of course not.  Did God choose us puny and imperfect humans to spread his gospel?  Yes.  Do I think he is capable of ultimately getting his message of love across even if my words didn’t do the best job?  Yes.  So should I trust him?  Yes.

I need to start listening to my own lessons.

Added post script: I came up with the idea last week of writing superlatives after seeing another month-in-review post over at YHL, and I realized after I wrote it that this is awfully similar to Katie’s Friday Faves.  Doh!  There really is nothing new under the sun!  I swear I wasn’t trying to steal your awesome idea, and if it seems like it I hope you’re one of those people that finds imitation a form of flattery.  Because I totally admire both of you.  🙂 

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