Doctor Who costumes

Last Halloween some friends and I dressed up as the cast of Doctor Who.  It helps that our “Doctor” looks a lot like Matt Smith.  Fun note: Our Amy and Rory ARE actually husband and wife.

When the renaissance festival rolled around, someone said, “Let’s go as Doctor Who!”  Because really, if you think about it, there are no circumstances in which it is inappropriate to dress up as Doctor Who.  I thought the TARDIS box would be a pain to carry around for the whole hot day, so I swapped it for a blue dress, pinned some windows on and wrote “Police Public Call Box” on some blue duct tape.  Also painted my shoes blue to match. 

All day long people would say, “Doctor, where’s your TARDIS?”  He’d point and say, “She’s over there.  Come here, Sexy.”  Sixteen people stopped us to take our picture.  🙂

UPDATE: During my Olympics trip I saw a police box at Earl’s Court!!!

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