Random Thoughts

Only *I* could get splinters from rubber.  Seriously, my hand is covered in splinters after a round of mini golf last night just from holding the putter.  It’s awful!

How is watching a four-hour long bike race each day so captivating?  Really!  I’ve become a Tour fan.  Granted I just have it on in the background so it’s not like I’m glued to the TV, but to be fair the only things that glue me to the TV any more are Doctor Who and watching Buffs or former Buffs run.

Why am I doing laundry more often?  Oh yeah, because it’s been HOT and I’ve been sweating more.  Also because I wear my work clothes on my bike.  More quarters needed…

I have so many things on my to-do-before-London list, including clean my apartment, eat all perishable food, find a garden-sitter, get an oil change, transfer money, print copies of everything, confirm my packing list, find a checkable bag, buy bike gloves and a repair kit, ahhhhhh!!!  I have a list going on my iGoogle and on my mirror.

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