Introducing the Junk Shelf!

I have a built-in bookshelf in the middle of my apartment, in the tiny hallway where my living room, bedroom, and bathroom meet.  The top shelf holds some art supplies, the middle shelf holds photos, and the bottom holds books.

One day as I was cleaning, I set the scotch tape next to Harry Potter.  When I was looking for it a few days later, I found it quickly on the shelf.  Then I put my scissors there.  Then glue.  Eventually my books shelf also became a super-functional “junk shelf” full of super-useful things.

Now the shelf holds tape (scotch, masking, duct), glue (white, super, mod podge, rubber cement), glass cleaner, string, Sharpies, measuring tape, a box of safety pins, several pairs of scissors, a utility knife, and matches.  Its location is easily accessible from every room, and its small size prevents it from accumulating the other crazy detritus that a junk drawer would usually grab.

It is the perfect catch-all spot for all these random items, and I only wish I had thought of this idea years ago!

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