January Unplugged Update

My apartment is quiet.  Too quiet.  I’m not a listen-to-music person, except when doing chores.  I prefer my background noise to have things like plot and characters, or at least engage my brain a little; podcasts are good, but I miss having an episode of some show or another going while I’m cooking dinner.

It’s also dark.  Makes me again wish I had picked a summer month for this challenge so at least I’d have the sunshine or twilight to come home to after work.

I have been reading a lot.  And cooking.  Not as much cleaning as I’d like, though.  Went to two basketball games.  Working on an art project.  Ran errands on foot on Saturday.

“I wonder what movies are playing in town and what times.  Oh, I can’t look them up.  But I could always head over and look myself.  Nah, don’t feel like spending money on a ticket.”

“Ooo, I had been thinking about a new chair for my apartment and I really like this one.  Hmm, I wonder how much money is in my back account.  Oh, I can’t look it up.  I could call them, though.  Well, regardless, better to sit on the idea for a while before dropping money on something as permanent as furniture.”

I have been cheating a tiny bit – if you count it as cheating.  I have used the wireless connection on my ancient iPod touch.  Mainly for quick e-mail checks.  It’s slow and clumsy to use, though, so I’m generally on it no longer than ten minutes.

But it’s a good thing my computer is locked up at work!  Yesterday evening my brain said, “Eh, why not have one cheat day per week?  Just like in Lent how Sundays don’t count?”  I considered it briefly before remembering my computer was locked up at work.

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