January Unplugged Recap

Okie dokie!  So January’s resolution of no home computer or television is done.  Yay!  So let’s recap.

First, the confessions.  Times I broke this resolution:

  1. I watched the Broncos lose to the Ravens (boo! But SO glad I wasn’t standing there in the seven degree weather overtime),
  2. I got sick so had to leave a basketball games so turned on ESPN for half an hour to watch some replacement basketball,
  3. I got sick again and watched some TV again, and
  4. I brought my laptop home so I could write a post about painting.

Second, the learning / growing / character-building experience.  It would be cool if I could say the whole experience was life-changing, but that wouldn’t be true.  I’m just kinda glad it’s over – which is exactly why I wanted to do this different-resolution-each-month thing because I get bored of resolutions.  I read several books, I painted (obviously) while listening to a bunch of podcasts, and I cooked a lot (more on that later).  

It was probably healthy for me because I do have a tendency to get absorbed with / consumed by / addicted to things.  For example, that painting?  I was working on it with every free 15 minutes I had at home, I’d think about it throughout the day, and it was hard to sleep because I kept thinking about it each night.  I often throw myself into things and/or go for them full throttle, and Netflix in particular can be like that for me.  It was good for me to step away for a while and let myself explore other things that I enjoy.  I devoured Gone Girl (wow, for something where the characters detested me, that was such a consuming book).  I was also reminded of how much I love cooking – and how much I hate doing dishes.

Alrighty.  January’s done!  Next up, February!  Stay tuned…

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