February Resolution

I’ve gone back and forth a bunch about what I should do for February, but finally I decided to settle on cooking!  My February resolution: cook everything from scratch.

Really, though, I can’t make everything COMPLETELY from scratch.  I won’t be making my own cheese or sausage, for example – even though that would be pretty cool to try at some point.  And I’d be interested in making my own tomato sauce, but I’ll probably end up buying canned.   But in the month of January I’ve already started cooking a whole lot more than I had been previously.

There’s a reason for that.  Since the beginning of the new year I’ve been going mostly wheat-free with a few friends.  Some friends went wheat-free last fall.  One has lost 40 pounds, and another has had migraines cease.  A friend who started this year has had his asthma improve.  I’m hesitant about some claims that wheat is the cause of all health problems (and I’m not interested in weight loss), but I’m all about trying new things.  And if there’s a chance it helps with stomach pain or sleep trouble, bonus!  Plus, certainly by eliminating wheat it necessitates eliminating many unhealthy things like cookies and pizza and doughnuts.

Mmm.  Doughnuts……

Where was I?

Oh yeah, cooking and wheat-free.  Which means no doughnuts.  Sniff.

Anyway, February will be a cooking-for-myself-as-healthily-and-from-scratch-as-I-can-tolerate challenge, with a side of wheat-free.  I’m going to do my best to cook my little heart out (not literally) and along the way post recipes.

However, I am going to give myself four cheats – average one per week – because sometimes life just gets away from you and you won’t have time or access to resources to cook.  Also, because I’ve always committed to a girls’ night dinner next week.  But, if I do have to cheat and buy/eat something someone else made, I’ll still try to make it as healthy and wheat-free as possible.

And away we go!  I already have several recipes to share.  🙂

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