Sewing Saturday

I had great plans last weekend to clean and do chores around the house, but instead I got distracted.  By my sewing machine.  I ended up spending all of Saturday sprawled on my living room floor cutting patterns and fabric, and sewing sewing sewing sewing.

This was a test of the ballet dress pattern from Crafterhours so I wasn’t sure how it would fit my frame or where the problems would be, but the good news is that I have some idea how to fix them the next time.  Also, the red knit I used was rather troublesome – very soft and comfy, but stretchier than Adrianna recommended in the pattern – so it ended up lumpy in some of the seams.

And the camera that I have is not good and there were lighting issues.  (I’ve recommended the Canon SD1100 over and over – so much two of my friends and mom bought it – but the SD1200 is not good.  Grr.  Thinking of replacing it.)



I like it better with a scarf-belt to hide the lumpy seam.

IMG_9447 IMG_9450

So I tried making the pattern again using some cotton to see how that would work.  My friend brought me this batik from Africa, and it’s beautiful but not really my style so has sat in my closet for years.  Decided to do a band of navy around the middle since I had some of that, too.


Yup, the cut around the rib cage was too small for me.  Holding it closed in the back because it doesn’t close.  A good test, though, and I think I have some great ideas for how to adjust it for me.


With some of the pretty red fabric left, I made some flowers.  Then glued them to felt to create a brooch.  Thinking I might make them into artwork to put on the wall.


Here was the biggest success of the day: the pattern didn’t have a cowl neck nor sleeves.  And I made both!  For the sleeves, I figured Dana makes it look so easy may as well give it a shot.  For the cowl, I should have had more fabric at the top but, again, another learning experience.

IMG_9428 IMG_9433Overall, a super fun day.  Been too long since I’d gone on a sewing marathon.

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