Of crafting and cooking

The crafting bug has bitten me hard.  I may need to enter some kind of treatment program…


I’m okay with that, because I haven’t crafted this much in a long time and I’m having so much fun.

Crafting takes a lot of time and energy.  So does cooking.

A week-ish ago, I ditched my cook-everything-for-a-month challenge.  When I was thinking about a February challenge, the other fore-runner in my mind was a make-art-every-day challenge.  I decided on the cooking-and-wheat-free one basically because I had already been doing both of those for the month of January.  And if I was truly going to try wheat-free to see if it was for me, I needed to continue it.

Plus, I had heard that if you remove wheat from your diet for too long you can develop a sensitivity.

After seven weeks, I figured if I was going to fall of my wheat-free wagon, I was going to do it in spectacular style.  I went to Panera.  🙂  It was fantastic.  And afterwards I felt zero side effects from reintroducing wheat into my system.  Good to know I don’t have any wheat sensitivities.

What will the March challenge bring?  Well, still thinking about that.  I’ve got an idea that I’m turning over in my head.  I’m 1 for 2 now with maintaining my monthly challenges, and I’d like March to make it 2 for 3 while still challenging me.

In the meantime, my next crafting project looks like it will be slowed slightly while I gather more supplies.  While should give me time to clean up the mess that the rest of my crafting projects have made…

Oh, and last night I finished this:


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