March Challenge: DTB

The January and February monthly challenges were interesting (media-free and cooking, respectively), but I couldn’t help feeling that they ultimately lacked greater purpose.  Since March of this year culminates in Easter, I decided on a challenge of spiritual significance.  Lent-ish, if you will – minus a few of the forty days.

Today begins Challenge: Discover The Bible.

Goal part 1: read my Bible every day for thirty-one days, focusing on the parts that I haven’t read or haven’t read in a VERY long time.  (Translation: primarily the prophets half of the Old Testament for the former, and the OT history and law books for the latter.)

Goal part 2: find thirty-one verses or short passages – one for each day – that I had not known about before and work on memorizing them.

Today’s passage comes from Lamentations 3 (NLT version).

For no one is abandoned by the Lord forever.  Though he brings grief, he also shows compassion because of the greatness of his unfailing love.  For he does not enjoy hurting people or causing them sorrow.

I may not post all 31 verses on the blog, but thought I should at least give you an example of my starting point.

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