Rainbow Quilt

It’s done!  And it’s beautiful.  :o)


I’ve always found quilts to be impressive, but I never really had the desire to make one.  Too much detail.  Too much cutting.  Too much ironing.  Too much time.  Too much patience.  So I was content to admire them from afar.

Until I saw the quilt that Rae made for Clementine.  I think I gasped.  “It’s a rainbow!”  I love bright colors, and I have a thing for rainbows.  (Seriously, there was a period of my childhood when I would cover entire sheets of paper with crayoned rainbows.)  And it was a pretty basic pattern.

So I resolved to make a rainbow quilt of my own.  But I am backwards with my rainbows in that I like yellow on the outside since it’s the lightest color.  And after obsessively working on it daily for two weeks (my back isn’t so happy now), I have my very own rainbow quilt.


I’ve made a quilt once before, with my mom when I was nine.  Because I love Laura Ingalls Wilder and really wanted to make a quilt like her family used to.  I knew just enough about the sewing machine to sew almost all of it, but my mom did all the hard parts.  Like figuring out how to make it.  And the pinning.  And the IRONING.  Good grief there’s a lot of that.  If I remember correctly, she just kept handing me pieces saying, “Sew those together.  Sew those together.”  The sewing was the easy part.  She did the less glamorous stuff.


I love the corners.  I used fat quarters to make six 7-inch squares in each color.  I sewed the leftover scraps together and cut them into colorful triangles for the big corners.

I briefly considered finding another neat fabric to make my own bias tape before my back spoke up and said, “Now let’s not get carried away here.”  I took the quilt to the store and held up all the different colors before determining basic black was the right way to go.


But I also really love the back.  I couldn’t find fabric I liked that would be wide enough to cover the whole back.  So I used some of that rainbow extra to create a little surprise between the two big pieces that were joined together.


I knew I wanted a black-and-white fabric for the back to contrast the bright colors on the front, and I found this pattern, titled “Victorian Sewing Notions.”  I felt it was appropriate.


And now I’m swearing off crafts for at least one week.  My back needs to recover, and I also have a stack of library books I’ve been neglecting.

Bonus photo: when photographing this, I saw that our local rock stacker had been busy recently.


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4 Responses to Rainbow Quilt

  1. qnbee06 says:

    beautiful rainbow modern quilt the black made the colors pop looking forward to seeing more. I just finished a quilt my self first time free motion post when I figure out how to

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