Thirteen inches of snow on Monday.  More snow yesterday.  Another five today (and it’s still coming down).  It’s supposed to stop after today, but I hear we have more snow on the way next week.

Colorado is thrilled about this, since we’re in a near-perpetual state of drought.  But with the Bolder Boulder only 40 days away and me really really really wanting to improve my time, I’m getting quite antsy.  Yes, I could still go outside to brave the elements and run, but I’ve also broken more than one bone in my life as a result of slipping on something so I have a bit of anxiety around doing anything more than a slow, cautious run.

This is when it would be nice to have a gym membership so I could go run on the indoor track…

In the meantime, I’ve been researching.  Because for the first time I’m going into a race not with the primary goal of finishing, but with the goal of improving my time.  And improving it by a (what I think of as) doable-but-not-insignificant amount.

Also, I’ve suffered from shin splints in the past.  Don’t want to injure myself again during this training.

The advice you hear out there about how to be a runner is (1) run, (2) run further, (3) repeat.  That great for starters and did work for me, but I’m at the point where I feel that I need to know more about running techniques and training if I’m going to improve.  Ideally, I think I’d find a running coach that I could meet with for a few sessions to focus specifically on me and what I need to do to improve.  But I’m sure that would cost way more money than I have on hand, and on the cusp of the BB running coaches are not doubt in high demand.

So I’ve been looking more into thinks like heel-strike, running pose, barefoot running.  (I don’t plan to run these races barefoot, but I want to know more about what it is about the human body that makes them believe this is a doable.)  Youtube has actually been quite helpful for my initial research.

How to Avoid Heel Strike:

Mid-Foot Running Technique:

Good Form Running:

Moses Mosop (Kenya) Running Technique:

Been reading about interval training and running up hills to improve speed.  Also hoping to get help from friends who have done this before.  In Colorado, runners are easy to find.

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