More running delays… plus some reading

Really, Colorado?  Really?


Sigh.  Luckily, this looks to be the last snow we’re supposed to get for a while.  (Hopefully “for a while” ends up being.. ya know.. September……)

In the meantime I have these two books in my possession for three weeks.


I started Born to Run during intermission of a play last Wednesday.  I made it to page 10 before I started feeling dizzy.  I wasn’t sure why until I remembered that musculoskeletal stuff makes me queasy.  Blood and guts don’t phase me, but start talking bones and tendons and x-rays talking about cuboid syndrome and I get lightheaded.  So I started skimming to protect my meals.  I’m sure I’ll perk back up once I get more to the parts about the secrets of the amazing Tarahumara runners.

Running with the Kenyans, though, I’m getting into — even if it’s more of a memoir than a running instructional manual.  I also prefer the writer’s style more.  I’m swapping back and forth between the books, feeling under a little bit of pressure to read both (plus two other library books I have checked out) within the three week requirement.  Plus make time for training runs in between snow storms.

In other news, this weekend my former boss’s daughter just broke the one-mile state record for high school!  Pretty darn awesome.  I regret that I didn’t catch the running bug until 29 rather than in high school when your body is more built for it.  But, I still count myself as incredibly grateful that I DID find running eventually and discovered an amazing community and learned to push myself with new challenges.

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